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Get Keywords in Your Anchor Text

Steven Lohrenz recently posted on getting content rich backlinks .

It wouldn’t have caught my eye except a reader recently posted a comment and had "NLP" as their name. I thought that was strange but didn’t think much of it until I saw Steven’s explanation.

The deal is that you upload two plugins and then people can get their keywords in their anchor text. That helps their SEO since they’ll have links with their keywords included.

It’s a good idea now that I get it and I’ve installed it too. Feel free to get your keywords in your comments from now on too. So if "NLP" wants to comment again, you can use a name now. 🙂

The two plugins are KeywordLuv and DoFollow .

PS. When I went to look for a trackback address, I saw a commenter on Steven’s site that linked to a subscribe to comments plugin. So now that’s installed too. If you comment you can subscribe and see who replies to that post too.