auditory digital

Writing in Auditory Digital

Silly me.

For all the writing in visual, auditory or kinesthetic language I’ve been doing, I didn’t realize that you can also write in auditory digital.

I knew it was the internal dialogue modality and the downward right eye accessing cue of normally ordered individuals. I didn’t realize I’d been using it all along or that the predicates (cue words) belonged to that modality.

That explains why I’d thought a number of my speeches were insightful (dare I say even fascinating), but other folks didn’t see it… it didn’t ring true for them… or they weren’t feeling it.

I’d been speaking auditory digital to the near exclusion of the other modalities. When I’ve added them in, I didn’t realize any significant improvement in delivery but the response was much better. Go figure.

And then there’s always the classic NLP mismatch to sum it all up:

A guy walks into a therapist’s office and says, "No one is listening to me!"

The therapist replies, "I see."