Graphic Designer’s Mind 24 Hour Special

Graphic Designer’s Mind is now available for purchase.

For the next 24 hours, the price will be $15. After that, the regular price will be $35.

While the results you’ll get are worth much more than $35, I wanted to price these products (I’m calling them Ability Widgets) in line with Paraliminals which are $30 a pop.

The regular price on Copywriter’s Mind is now $35 as well. I sent those folks who took advantage of the last 24 hour special for $35 a free copy of Graphic Designer’s Mind to say thanks and to keep things fair.

If you go to the site, you’ll see the before and after pictures for both the hypnotic writing course and Copywriter’s Mind.

The full description is here:

Crafting Mental Movies For Others

If you’ve read much on visualization, you’ve probably heard of the basketball free throw study.

There were 3 groups:

  • Group A: Practiced free throws 20 minutes a day.
  • Group B: Did nothing.
  • Group C: Only visualized making free throws 20 minutes a day.

After 20 days, the each group’s accuracy was tested again. Group A improved by 24%. Group B didn’t improve. Group C improved by 23%.

From that study, we know that visualization can nearly match actual experience. Let’s take that one step further. If you want maximum control over your situation, in addition to creating your own mental movies, take the time to create the mental movies of others.

You may know what you want it to look like when you execute a movement, make a sale or score a goal. Do you also know what you want it to look like from someone else’s perspective? Unless you’re making videos of your performance, you probably haven’t given much though to what you look like.

To have a more complete and effective performance, complete the experience. Otherwise you’re only really rehearsing a one side of a conversation. What do you want your customer to see, hear and feel from her interaction with you? What do you want the other team to think you’re doing? Craft that mental movie.

If you want to supercharge the process, do a complete model of the person. It’s been said that the best way to persuade others is to enter into the conversation already running in their head. Find out as much as you can about their beliefs, emotions, strategies and behaviors when it comes to their interactions with you. If you want to influence the other, be the other.

They say practice makes perfect. I once heard a motivational speaker make his own twist and say that practice makes permanent and only perfect practice makes perfect. That’s to say that practicing reinforces things. It’s only by practicing things correctly that you’ll be able to execute correctly. That’s what visualization and mental movies allow for. Create those perfect movies of yourself AND the others in your space.

Crafting mental movies for others is no guarantee of any particular outcome. But taking that extra step can only improve your chances of having the experience you want most.

24 Hour Special on Copywriter’s Mind

The copywriting model is finally available.

I’m going to be selling it for $100 but for the next 24 hours you can buy it for $35. That’s my way of thanking you for reading this blog.

If you missed the discussion below, I used David Gordon’s NLP modeling protocol (enhanced by some other modelers) to create a model of direct response copywriters. There were about 68 copywriters worth of interviews that I combed through with an eye to the essential features required for a complete model.

If I were to name the copywriters, you would probably recognize many of their names. If you want to know if a certain top copywriter was included, I can say there’s a 95% chance they were.

What I ended up with is a complete model for anyone who’s ever wanted to learn copywriting. Normally you’ll read a book or take a course and pick up some skills and techniques but you won’t really have the ability or the confidence that a pro has. This model bridges that gap.

In addition to it being a model, I took the acquisition protocol and turned it into a dual induction hypnosis session like Paraliminals. One ear has the modeling protocol and the other has a therapeutic metaphor containing the optional strategies, beliefs and emotions. While most people will go into trance easily with a dual induction session, I made sure of it by overlaying the audio with theta brainwaves. As long as you’re really listening and using headphones, your brain will go into that meditative state.

Since the sequence matters and the copywriters I modeled use a set procedure or checklist, I included one as well. It will help activate the model that your subconscious learned while listening to the audio. As with hypnosis, it’s possible that it might take more than one listening to get the full effect. I’m really not sure.

If you’re not a fan of hypnosis, you can use the included model and acquisition instructions to run the the entire process consciously. You can also listen to one track at a time of the audio. So whatever your learning preference is, there’s a solution for you here.

The link to Copywriter’s Mind is:

The sales page says $100 but if you click through to Kunaki, you’ll see the 24 hour special price of $35. Once the special is over, I’ll change the price to $100. I intend to do that around 10 am CST tomorrow.

Update on Copywriting Model

Here’s an update on what I’ve been doing recently:

On August 4th I met with some veteran modelers. By that, I mean these guys made their living modeling as management consultants for a number of years. I’d asked them to review the copywriting model I created.

I got some really good feedback about tightening it up and cutting away more of the non-essentials. I also got a few more ideas to make it much better.

The most exciting idea to me is in the acquisition. I had intended to record a guided acquisition protocol similar to a hypnosis session. The listener may or may not go very deeply into trance depending on their preference.

After talking to the NLP experts, I learned that running the acquisition protocol through the subconscious could end up being more effective than through the conscious. So I’ve decided to use both.

I’ve been using Holosync now for about 4 years. I also listened to my first Paraliminal tape back in 2000. If you’re not familiar with those technologies stay tuned. I’ll write another article later explaining what they are. Essentially, they’re brain wave and dual induction NLP programs.

Dual inductions are where you listen to two voices simultaneously which overwhelms the conscious mind. You can go into trance nearly instantly if you allow yourself.

I’ve been transcribing some dual induction scripts to make sure I’m effective with it. For my copywriting model, I’ll be following the acquisition protocol as well as the new behavior generator protocol.

On top of that, I’m going to be adding alpha and theta brainwave frequencies to make it easier to go into a deeper trance. At the hypnosis group I attended last night, the facilitators were saying that the subconscious is most easily accessible in theta. Beta then is the conscious, active mind state. Here’s the Wikipedia on brain waves.

No one really had any solid ideas about where alpha, delta or gamma play into trance work. If anyone out there reading this has any ideas, please comment and let me know. Theories and guesses are welcome too.

Anyway, the idea will be to create a dual induction theta brain wave subconscious acquisition audio.  That’s a mouthful. It will be an earful too. I’ll include the conscious protocol as well to reinforce it and for any skeptics out there.

On top of all that, a friend of mine is a DJ at our local classical station and offered to do voice over work for me. The result should be fairly hypnotic. I’m excited.

When the Glass is One Tenth Full

I’ve recently noticed a number of situations in which things were noticeably framed in the affirmative.

If you have the option, it’s usually better to tell people what they can do rather than can’t. Here are 3 examples:

I was just reading an e-book titled, “The Top Ten Secrets of Instant Wealth” by Salad Seminars CEO Jamie Smart. He encourages sharing it so here it is (pdf). Normally I would pass over anything like that but I’ve recently acquired two sets of Salad playing cards (the Ericksonian Hypnosis and Persuasion decks). I highly recommend the cards for acquiring a spontaneity to creating your hypnotic language. I got mine on

Jamie talks about asking better questions for wealth. Instead seeing something and saying, “I can’t afford it,” he suggests asking, “How can I afford it?” The glass being half full significantly affects your attitude as it will with your audience.

The second example is that I sometimes see marketers bad mouth “hypnotic techniques.” Here’s a quote from an article in the Early to Rise e-zine (July 31st Issue):

“Don’t try to be a copywriter. Just explain what you’ve got and why anyone should care – and then just get out of the way.

“In other words, don’t mess around with mystical, manipulative tactics that are supposed to magically vacuum money out of your prospects’ wallets while they grin stupidly in a hypnotic trance.

“Just talk to people. Be interesting. Be respectful of their time. Share value. Make your pitch. And shut up.”

The point I think the author was trying to make was to not make the amateur mistake of making it sound like you’re trying too hard or using hype. He’s telling you to do exactly what a copywriter tries to do but then starts out telling you not to try to be a copywriter.

The reason I point this out as an example is that I see this kind of attitude toward NLP copywriting now and then and realize the glass is still at least one tenth full. The full part is that this guy must not understand how to use hypnotic writing or how much it could improve his persuasive ability. That just means more opportunity for those of us who do.

The last example was the one that prompted this post. I went to see The Dark Knight at our local IMAX last week. It’s inside a state history museum. While everyone was waiting in line, one of the museum employees made an announcement with an interesting one tenth full twist.

He announced that food and drinks were allowed in the theater as long as they were water with screw top bottles and candy bars still sealed in their wrappers. There’s no doubt that this approach was better received than telling people that no food or drinks were allowed except bottled water.

It reminds me of the saying attributed to Henry Ford that you could have any color of Model-T car as long as it was black.

I don’t know how many people noticed the approach at the museum but I found it humorous. That was actually much less than one tenth full but you get the point… be affirmative as much as possible for best results.

A Hypnotic Roommate Ad

Over a year ago, I posted an ad to Craigslist for a roommate.

I think we got a couple of inquiries and only one person came over to look at it. We ended up renting to a brother of one of the current residents.

Since then, I’ve learned what I know about hypnotic writing. I only went to Harlan’s NLP Copywriting seminar last September.

Several weeks ago I posted another ad for a roommate. This time I got 17 email responses in about 24 hours before I took the ad down because I didn’t want any more responses. I invited 8 of those to come look at our place… and they all showed up. Most of those would have been fine but our first choice seemed the most excited (and oddly beyond coincidence) so that’s who we went with.

I post the two ads below to show the differences in “creative” type ad writing and hypnotic writing that uses pacing and leading and quite a bit of Milton modeling. Rereading that first ad, I think I was trying to be humorous to sound more like a real person… keep Austin weird [a local motto] style. It feels like I was trying too hard when I see it again now.

The hypnotic ad is more about creating an internal experience for the reader. Of course the numbers also reflect things like the month, the current real estate market, etc.

Another difference on the second ad is that I got email inquiries with subject lines, “room for rent sounds perfect” and “my imagination is excited.”

Non-hypnotic 1st ad:

$$$$ All Bills Included- 3 Roommates Seek a 4th For A Brentwood 4-2

We are three 20 something males. We’re mostly quiet professional types. We all keep the place pretty clean. We’re smoke and drug free but drink in moderation.

We’re located in the Brentwood neighborhood and a short walk to the #1 bus route on Lamar, a coffee shop, fast food, and McCallum High School. We’re right between 35/183/Mopac. We have all the dishes we need. We have a basketball hoop in the driveway and a set of kettlebells. There’s one year old carpet throughout. You’d share a bathroom with an almost compulsively clean guy.

We share wireless internet and we split the cost of cleaning supplies/TP/paper towels. The walls are fairly thin so if you like to crank up the stereo all the time or have screaming nightmares, this probably isn’t a good fit. The living room will accommodate up to around 25 people for social gatherings. We don’t have or plan to get a TV. The room is in the back, unfurnished and has 2 large windows.

There’s no deposit and it’s available June 1. The landlord wants a one year lease. He’s pretty quick about fixing things.

The recent hypnotic ad:

$$$$ bills included – a home and private room (NW side of Lamar/2222)

Imagine a quiet neighborhood… you rocking on the porch, enjoying the large shade tree in front or the basketball hoop out back. Or perhaps you’d enjoy seasonal roses or pomegranates.

The Lamar bus stop, a coffee shop, a neighborhood park and fast food are all a short walk away. Our neighborhood, Brentwood, ranks as one of the best neighborhoods in Austin. We’re close to it all… 183, 35, Mopac, UT or downtown.

Inside… a large living room, antique coffee table, wi-fi, modern appliances, gas burners, two refrigerators, pool table, guitar hero, kettlebell set, Kirby vacuum and ample cooking space. There are 4 rooms and 2 shared bathrooms.

The roommates… easy going guys aged 27-30, clean and considerate. We often savor a good brew. Both guy or girl are fine for us.

The landlord… pays all bills except internet. He works out leases on a personal basis.

The room is around 10′ x 12′ including 2 large windows facing east and south. Small, confined pets are fine.

The room is available August 1st.

Email to arrange a tour.

What else do you notice between these two ads?

New Guarantees

I switched the price to a one time $300 instead of the subscription service. If you read the previous post on how much went into the course you’ll probably agree it’s still a bargain.

The other thing that’s changed is that you now have a money back AND "includes everything" guarantees. The money back means you can receive the first 4 lessons and still get your money back if you want. The "includes everything" guarantee is that I’m guaranteeing that it includes every topic in NLP relevant to copywriting. If you get through the course and feel like I’ve left something out, I’ll research it and create a bonus lesson so that you’ll have gotten everything .

That ought to settle it. You can look for a full 30 days without having to commit to purchasing the course. And then if you had concern about the quality (because quality does vary considerably in the NLP community), now you know that you’ll finish the course having been exposed to everything in NLP relevant to copywriting. I would say you’ll have learned it all but I can’t guarantee you’ll do the exercises.

What are you waiting for then? If you want to learn to use NLP in copywriting, this is THE place to do it. Or you can try to figure it all out on your own. If you compare that $10K+ way to my $300 course… well, you get the idea. It’s no comparison.

The landing page is a work in progress since I have other things going on too. I’ll be multivariate testing it too once I’m happy with the way it looks. You don’t have to wait until then to go get it.

How to Price Info Products

Recently, Bob Bly had a post commenting how one marketer had said the optimal price was so high that your customers complained.

I’d been wondering what to raise the price of my course to and commented on the article. Evidently Fred Gleeck has a model that info products should be worth 10X what the price is. That next question is how to determine the value.

If you have a product like Glypius or MuVar, the value comes as a return on your investment in your own business. You pay 300 Euros and make way more than that in increased conversions.

The example Bob gave in his reply comment was:

Louis: in the case of an information product, the marketer must explicitly make the case for the value he claims in the copy. For instance, let’s say you are selling an e-book of forms for consultants. To pay a lawyer or expert to create each form would cost the prospect at least $200 per form, and there are 50 forms in the book. Therefore, buying the collection of ready-made forms can save the customer $10,000, allowing you to claim a value of 10K for your product. Would I charge $1,000? Probably not. But you could charge $97.

The reason you probably wouldn’t want to try charging $1,000 is because the value of those forms would be specific to a particular individual’s deal. That’s what attorney’s and real estate agents charge for… knowing how to appropriately fill in the blanks and customize language.

I searched online for other pricing information and it was mostly academic. I’m guessing everyone else is just pricing according to what everyone else is charging.

Here’s how it relates to us:

I’ve already mentioned that by this time next week, I’ll have raised the price of my "Be a Hypnotic Writer" course. Currently it’s $10 per lesson for a total of $110 (first one’s free). I think that price grossly undervalues the information I’m including in the course. People tend to form an impression of the value based on the price.

Since a lot of this is based on the personal study I’ve done, I’ll low ball that and say my time is worth $50/hr. You couldn’t get a good direct response copywriter to work for that much so I’m being conservative. Most of the materials I reviewed, I acquired second hand or borrowed so I’ll estimate the cost.

If I’m using the 10X figure, here are the things I need to include:

  • Harlan’s NLP Copywriting Certification Seminar ($1000)
  • Accommodations (I opted to stay in a hostel), airfare, copies of the DVDs, expenses to attend the seminar ($550)
  • Completing the certification process (20 hours = $1000)
  • Several source material books on NLP ($50 + 20 hours including 5 I read completely and 10+ I’ve skimmed speed reading = $1050)
  • A few Richard Bandler seminars (36 hours worth = $1800)
  • NLP Practitioner (22 CDs) and Master Practitioner Courses ($2000 each plus 15 hours study invested = $4750)

Let me be clear that I’m not an NLP Practitioner. I’ve only reviewed the course materials to make sure this course really does include everything there is to know about NLP copywriting thus far. I am an NLP Certified Copywriter although that only accounts for about half of what I’ve learned about NLP so far.

The total is $10,150. That’s not including the time I’ve spent preparing the course. That’s also not including the time I took to learn copywriting before I began studying NLP or internet marketing. That’s also not taking into account that you probably can’t get Harlan’s DVDs anywhere and there’s not another course out there that teaches this material. Not only that, but it includes exercises so that you actually assimilate the material, not just read it.

By that standard, I should be charging about $1000 for the course. I may at some future date. In the meantime I’m going to raise the price to a one time payment of $300. It will come with a 30 day money back guarantee of course. I’ll still keep it on a weekly delivery autoresponder unless I add a physical product as well. I feel like people will be more likely to read the lessons and do the exercises if they have a deadline for the next lesson. That will also cut back on the number of folks who buy, download your entire product and then immediately ask for a refund. If someone hasn’t figured out if they’re going to use it by the 4th lesson, I don’t want to keep sending it to them.

If you want to figure a price based on your profit due to increase in conversion, no doubt the price would be even higher.

If you want to compare it to other regular copywriting courses, the price should be much higher too. Not many full blown courses go for less than $1000.

If you want to compare it to hiring an NLP certified copywriter, it would be much higher. The average copywriter charges around $3,500 for a letter while the average A List copywriter charges $10,000 or more. Through this course, you’ll develop persuasive copywriting skills that even some of those copywriters don’t know about.

Until next Sunday, May 18th, you can get it for $10 a lesson. It’s such a steal that I almost feel embarrassed about letting anyone have it at that price. It’s my way of saying thanks to my early subscribers and testers.

Stories and Therapeutic Metaphors

Most marketers know that stories are one of the best ways to draw people in.

In NLP, stories are much more complex and known as therapeutic metaphors. Now that I’ve pointed that out, you may be wondering what the difference is.

Stories are often used to create internal movies in the reader that convey certain emotions or have a particular moral.

Therapeutic metaphors work with existing internal movies and help people get from where they are to where they want to be. They can be layered with NLP patterns on many layers. They could easily contain 50 patterns with the conscious mind being aware of no more than 7. The rest slip through without resistance.

If you’re wondering how this applies to marketing, consider the possibilities: you can use quotes patterns, embed commands, preempt objections and use all sorts of other patterns that you’d have to conceal more elegantly outside a story. Some winning sales letters are nothing more than one long therapeutic metaphor.

So rather than simply getting a reader to empathize with your story, a Therapeutic Metaphor can pace and lead a reader to where you’d like to take him. And since everyone loves a good story, he’ll enjoy it along the way.

If you’d like to learn how to write your own Therapeutic Metaphors for use in your marketing (along with guided practice), sign up for my course Be a Hypnotic Writer . The first lesson is free:

[Update: The first lesson isn’t free anymore. Sorry.]

[Update: Just kidding. It’s free again.]

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