Small Business Ideas for Going Mobile

Almost everyone by now knows that the economy is going mobile. Not just a particular segment of the economy – the entire economy. Think Internet sized bigness.

For those who want to be hands on in going mobile but don’t want to start programming from scratch, we have this announcement:

RunRev Offers Free Small Business Academy on Going Mobile

Yes, that’s right, a free course on how to build your own apps. The course on going mobile runs through the month of May (2012) and requires a signup.

The course includes daily short videos on different topics related to using RunRev’s platform – LiveCode – in going mobile.

“We’re delighted to build on the success of our hugely popular Game Academy,” said Kevin Miller, CEO of RunRev. “With our new business-oriented course, we’re unlocking the potential of entrepreneurs and developers by giving them the tools to create custom apps and take their businesses to new levels. Today, every business can benefit from connecting with customers on mobile devices, and LiveCode is a great entry point for those new to development who want to create apps for iOS, Android, Mac, PC and even Linux. The Small Business App Academy will show you how in visual, engaging and easy steps.”

Going Mobile Options

If you’re wondering if there’s a catch – well, sort of. If you have no intention of using LiveCode to build your own apps, then this might only be halfway interesting to you.

If you compare it to hiring a developer to create you a custom app and then maintain it for you, you might just come out ahead going mobile this way.

Even if not, the course is sure to provide a number of pointers to keep in mind while building apps so at the very least, you’ll be a more informed consumer when it comes to hiring someone to build your app.

Going Mobile Course Topics

Some of the topics to be covered include:

  • Database and cloud access
  • Data manipulation
  • Monetization
  • Working with rich media
  • Creating user interfaces
  • Deployment to devices
  • Push notifications

If you don’t know what most of those things are, that’s okay. No doubt there will be lost of visuals and examples. It is a feature list after all and the training will probably cover the benefits of those features too.

Regarding RunRev, they were also listed as one of the top cross platform development tools for going mobile.


Free Course Teaches Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses How to Create Mobile Apps in New RunRev Small Business Academy

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As I’ve said before, going mobile – like any other tactic – needs to support your overall strategy and mission. Many apps are nothing more than an exact replica of company’s website. Having your website be mobile friendly may or may not help in the long run. That would depend on how you’re using your website now.

For many small business owners – especially the less tech savvy, learning to create an app might not be for you. It’s another question though whether any app is right for your business. It could help gain new customers with the right level of special offers and interaction.

Like all other marketing tactics, going mobile should be weighed on a ROI basis rather than just because it’s the next big thing.