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Crafting Mental Movies For Others

If you’ve read much on visualization, you’ve probably heard of the basketball free throw study.

There were 3 groups:

  • Group A: Practiced free throws 20 minutes a day.
  • Group B: Did nothing.
  • Group C: Only visualized making free throws 20 minutes a day.

After 20 days, the each group’s accuracy was tested again. Group A improved by 24%. Group B didn’t improve. Group C improved by 23%.

From that study, we know that visualization can nearly match actual experience. Let’s take that one step further. If you want maximum control over your situation, in addition to creating your own mental movies, take the time to create the mental movies of others.

You may know what you want it to look like when you execute a movement, make a sale or score a goal. Do you also know what you want it to look like from someone else’s perspective? Unless you’re making videos of your performance, you probably haven’t given much though to what you look like.

To have a more complete and effective performance, complete the experience. Otherwise you’re only really rehearsing a one side of a conversation. What do you want your customer to see, hear and feel from her interaction with you? What do you want the other team to think you’re doing? Craft that mental movie.

If you want to supercharge the process, do a complete model of the person. It’s been said that the best way to persuade others is to enter into the conversation already running in their head. Find out as much as you can about their beliefs, emotions, strategies and behaviors when it comes to their interactions with you. If you want to influence the other, be the other.

They say practice makes perfect. I once heard a motivational speaker make his own twist and say that practice makes permanent and only perfect practice makes perfect. That’s to say that practicing reinforces things. It’s only by practicing things correctly that you’ll be able to execute correctly. That’s what visualization and mental movies allow for. Create those perfect movies of yourself AND the others in your space.

Crafting mental movies for others is no guarantee of any particular outcome. But taking that extra step can only improve your chances of having the experience you want most.

24 Hour Special on Copywriter’s Mind

The copywriting model is finally available.

I’m going to be selling it for $100 but for the next 24 hours you can buy it for $35. That’s my way of thanking you for reading this blog.

If you missed the discussion below, I used David Gordon’s NLP modeling protocol (enhanced by some other modelers) to create a model of direct response copywriters. There were about 68 copywriters worth of interviews that I combed through with an eye to the essential features required for a complete model.

If I were to name the copywriters, you would probably recognize many of their names. If you want to know if a certain top copywriter was included, I can say there’s a 95% chance they were.

What I ended up with is a complete model for anyone who’s ever wanted to learn copywriting. Normally you’ll read a book or take a course and pick up some skills and techniques but you won’t really have the ability or the confidence that a pro has. This model bridges that gap.

In addition to it being a model, I took the acquisition protocol and turned it into a dual induction hypnosis session like Paraliminals. One ear has the modeling protocol and the other has a therapeutic metaphor containing the optional strategies, beliefs and emotions. While most people will go into trance easily with a dual induction session, I made sure of it by overlaying the audio with theta brainwaves. As long as you’re really listening and using headphones, your brain will go into that meditative state.

Since the sequence matters and the copywriters I modeled use a set procedure or checklist, I included one as well. It will help activate the model that your subconscious learned while listening to the audio. As with hypnosis, it’s possible that it might take more than one listening to get the full effect. I’m really not sure.

If you’re not a fan of hypnosis, you can use the included model and acquisition instructions to run the the entire process consciously. You can also listen to one track at a time of the audio. So whatever your learning preference is, there’s a solution for you here.

The link to Copywriter’s Mind is:

The sales page says $100 but if you click through to Kunaki, you’ll see the 24 hour special price of $35. Once the special is over, I’ll change the price to $100. I intend to do that around 10 am CST tomorrow.

Hypnotic Writer Upgrade

In putting on the finishing touches to my copywriting model, I went ahead and upgraded my “Be A Hypnotic Writer” course based on what I’d learned.

Specifically, I:

  • Added a strategy checklist to tie everything together
  • Added an audio to put your brain into a relaxed/flow alpha state
  • Added an audio to put your brain into a brainstorming/creativity theta state
  • Turned it into a physical product through Kunaki

If you’ve already purchased the course, I’ll be sending you the upgrades sometime this week. If you took advantage of the previous $1 trial offer and you’re still in the trial period, I’ll send it after your trial is over.

The upgraded version is at:

I plan to release the copywriting model this week sometime too. I plan to offer it for $100 with a 24 hour $35 special. Watch this blog for the announcement. That’s my thanks to you for reading the blog.

If you’d like to see the sales page so far, it’s at:

The syncs and liminals

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’d explain what Holosync and Paraliminals are.

Of the “syncs” I’ve heard of Holosync, Hemisync, Brainsync and Mindsync. None of the links below are affiliate links.

Holosync: brain wave exercises that take your brain into deeper and deeper delta brain waves as you progress through the program. The short of it is that deeper brain waves force your brain to reorganize. It’s basically automatic meditation on steroids. I’ve been doing it for at least an hour a day now since 2004. I’ve noticed significant changes in my life that I can attribute to this program. I’ve also found that I have an easy time doing trance work because of this meditation experience.

Hemisync: if Holosync goes deep, Hemisync goes wide. It’s a series of exercises in meditation and visualization. I’ve only heard parts of the program but I must say it’s been an interesting experience.

Brainsync: topical meditation sessions. I have a very limited experience with this one.

Mindsync: a shareware audio editing program. It can overlap multiple tracks and add brain wave frequencies so you can create your own dual inductions or meditation audios. As of this writing, I haven’t used it yet but I’m planning to create my copywriting acquisition audio with it.

Paraliminals: topical dual induction NLP (and now theta brain wave) audio sessions. I’ve used a number of these with good effect. My first experience was in 2000 when I worked for an outsourced sales/lead generation company. I’d cold call into businesses all day and it was fairly nerve racking given that I’m mostly an introvert. I’d take my lunch to eat and listen to the audio, “Self Esteem Supercharger” and face the rest of the day with renewed confidence. Learning Strategies that creates these also has a number of other great programs I recommend as well like Photo Reading.

There are probably a number of other programs similar to these. These are just the ones I’ve used before. I recommend you check them out.