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Top 5 Reasons Why Marketing Integration Specialists Trump Web Designers In Making A Website Work

Marketing Specialists are more effective on websites than actual web designers.

Setting up an internet company? Not sure on how to start your online business? Then this article is for you! This article seeks to aid internet businessmen looking to start an online enterprise in choosing people to help and introduce them to the world of email marketing. It focuses on keeping substance over style in creating a website when hiring a professional to do it for you.

Let’s get started then! First up – DON’T HIRE A WEB DESIGNER. HIRE A MARKETING INTEGRATION SPECIALIST INSTEAD. A lot of starting up companies make the mistake of leaving their websites at the hands of web designers. Not to undermine the capabilities of web designers, but their sole concern is in creating a great image for the company. Their jobs are focused on creating a respectable and professional company face. Although a lot of web designers do great jobs at this, just as it is pointless and disappointing to suit up and have nowhere to go, a good-looking website is nothing without visitors. Here are some reasons a good copy writer or marketing integration specialist would do a better job than a web designer.

Cheaper Cost: Most web designers charge tens of thousands of US dollars to create a visual treat of a website, not to mention design a logo for your company. Whereas a marketing integration specialist would only charge a reasonable fee for the actual website design, and have the logo design outsourced to their partners.

Writers are less Flashy: In creating a visual treat of a website, most web designers use flash for a more intricate feel on the site. Flash loads very slowly on internet browsers, causing readers to search for some other site. Search Engines also tend to leave out pages with flash in their search results. Marketing integration specialists or copy writers use flash only for advertisements and customer testimonials. This keeps the page high in search engine results, and assures the fast loading of the web site in browsers.

They provide your content for you: Upon completion of a website, web designers would ask for the web content from you. Then all they have to do is copy and paste the information you sent them, on your home page, about page, contact page, etc. Marketing Integration Specialists have copy writer capabilities to provide you with your site content based on your company’s policies and principles. This allows for them to maximize your website responses.

Work Wonders with Web Traffic: Web Designers are great at layouting but suffer from disregard for search engine optimization. Whereas marketing integration specialists create search-engine-friendly sites to ensure that your website comes out in the top searches.

Constant Website Management: Web designers ultimately make you a site that’s pure eye candy and leave you to it. Letting you figure out your website and how you’re supposed to make money with it, on your own. A marketing writer provides constant checkups and management to ensure that your website gets the best results.

Beside this, consultation and proposals from a marketing integration specialist is free. So it clearly shows that when starting a web site, we shouldn’t hire a web designer, but a marketing integration specialist. This could be the first step to your future in cyberspace.

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Writing a Sales Letter with NLP

I was posting a comment on the Warrior Forum and realized it was something I ought to share here too.

The thread was by someone who said they were having a hard time getting their letter written because they were getting lost in the process. I laid out how I usually go about writing a sales letter including the NLP parts. I quote it here again for you:

I usually list out every benefit I can think of and then form headlines from the most powerful benefits. I’ll often take my second and third favorite headlines and use them for pre or post headlines.

At some point near the beginning I’ll look around for a sales letter I’d like to emulate.

Then I list out everything I can think to say about the product. I take the list of benefits and make bullets out of them. By then I’ve decided on the type of lead to use. Then I get a stack of note cards and put each idea I wanted to include on them. I also make an outline of sorts that includes things like nested loops to open and close, objections to reframe, what to pace and lead, etc. It’s really something between a mind map and a to do list.

I lay the note cards out and build the letter in the order it makes most sense to me. I usually don’t use all the cards as I’m wanting to be as concise as possible. See Bob Bly’s methodology above [edit: from] for the structure of a sales letter.

Then I start writing and layering in NLP and other persuasive devices as I go. Sometimes it’s helpful and fun to go into a sort of hypnotic trance as I do it. I think Joe Vitale and Matt Furey talk about doing that kind of thing. You’ll need to watch the time if you do that though because you’ll blink and an hour will have passed.

I let it sit a day or so and then start editing. First I read it out loud and smooth out any grammatical issues. I’ll fine tune any persuasive devices I’m looking for and make sure the deeper meta message (ie NLP) builds progressively and elegantly. I’ll go back through that and tweak it with Glyphius. I think I finish by making sure I’m happy with the formatting. Once I feel like it’s where I like it, I’d make a list of things to multivariate test.

I may be leaving something out. Hmm.

If I feel stuck at any point, I’ll skip to something else and come back to it. I usually try not to go more than an hour without getting up and taking a break to go outside and kick my soccer ball around.